Russian Engineering Research

Russian Engineering Research

Издательство: Allerton Press, Inc.

Город: Москва

Год: 1981




Кол-во выпусков в год: 12

Импакт-фактор: нет

ISSN: 1068-798X

Доступный архив: 1994-2020

Индексация: Scopus, ВАК

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КодРаздел рубрикатора ГРНТИЖурналов

Краткое описание журнала:

This journal is concerned with different aspects of mechanical engineering and production engineering. It contains a selection of material translated from two Russian journals, one having an emphasis on such topics as machine design, testing and reliability (Vestnik Mashinostroeniya), and the other stressing production engineering and the machine tools used in manufacturing processes (STIN). The main subject headings are:

  • Design, calculation, tests and reliability of machines
  • Manufacturing engineering
  • Metal-cutting machine tools
  • Metal-cutting machinery
  • Chipless working of materials
  • Machining technology
  • Production automation
  • Metallurgical equipment and rolling
  • Work experience in factories, institutes and design offices

Included in the journals coverage are articles on operations research and production line layout, industrial robots and manipulators, quality control and process engineering, kinematic analysis of machine assemblies and computerized integrated manufacturing systems. This journal is an invaluable resource for scientists and engineers involved in machine design, manufacture and operation.



Aleksandr I. Savkin, Moscow, Russia

Executive secretary:
I.A.Tsygankova, Moscow, Russia

Editorial Board:
G.P. Alekseichuk, N.P. Aleshin, A.G. Bratukhin, A.L. Vorontsov, A.G. Guseinov, A.M. Dmitriev, Yu.G. Dragunov, A.E. Dreval, Yu.N. Drozdov, A.A. Kutin, A.V. Logunov, I.N. Omel’chenko, A.F. Pimenov, D.N. Popov, L.M. Rybakova, M.A. Saltykov, G.P. Tregubov

Journal STIN

Igor A. Novoselskii, Moscow, Russia

Editorial Board:
O.I. Aver’yanov, P.I. Bobrik, V.V. Bushuev, S.A. Vasin, L.Yu. Lishchinskii, S.M. Palei, V.F. Romanov, B.I. Cherpakov, I.R. Shvarts


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